Comfort food straight from Tokyo 

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Currychiwa is the Japanese version of ‘frietjes met stoofvlees’. Comfort food straight from Tokyo 🇯🇵 Perfect as a quick lunch or when you don't feel like cooking in the evening 🌈 It tastes a little bit kawaii (soft curry, veggies & rice) & as kowai 🌶 as you like. Curryious? The first Japanese curry house in Ghent will open very soon, hopefully begin December 2021.

Japanse currywa?!

Currychiwa literally means ‘hello, curry!’ in Japanese. It’s rice with a tasty and unique Japanese curry sauce filled with carrots and potatoes. It offers you all the flavours of Japanese cuisine: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. And we’ve made it entirely vegan. But to make it even tastier you can also add chicken, beef, fish, or extra veggies if you like. Oh and did we already mention that you can make it as spicy as you want? 🌶🌶🌶

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Straight from Tokyo

Currychiwa is real street food: you eat it right out of the box, with just a spoon. But it’s even tastier sitting at a table in a real curry house, of course. In Tokyo they even enjoy it in the morning, at lunch, in the evening and as a snack, which is why you’ll find curry houses on every street corner. In Shimokitazawa district alone there are over 200. Irashaimase! 

Hangry for a job?

Did you know that Currychiwa has its own emoji? 🍛 When Michael still lived in Tokyo, he knew all there was to know about it: that they shout ‘Irashaimase’ when you walk in and that the one with the Tonkatsu is the tastiest. But when he returned to Belgium there was nowhere to get his curry fix, which is why he dreamt of setting up his own curry house with his friend Bruno. 9,478 km from Tokyo in Ghent... it’s a start!

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