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Lots of love for Japanese Curry

Did you know:

- our Japanese Curry sauce is home made, vegan and glutenfree

- our katsus, both pork and chicken, are made fresh daily from scratch from quality meat

- our veggie/vegan add-ons are from 'De Vegetarische Slager'

- our rice is according to many Asian visitors ... excellent ;)

- people love the Japanese beers ... nr 1 Sapporo, nr 2 Asahi and nr 3 Kirin

- Pokka Green Tea Jasmin is also a very popular soft drink

- our worldmap for pinning international visitors is getting filled up ... almost all continents have pins

- we really have Japanese Curry-lovers as loyal guests

- we hope to expand soon with offering also udon noodles

- we have participated at Gent Smaakt and also as sponsor for HIV Ontrafelen

- we are happy with our great motivated team of students, serving curry

- we love the talks with customers on Japan and their visits/experiences

We thank all our customers with lots of love ...

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