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Our Japanese Curry has found its way to the festivals and food events in Belgium!

This year we participated again at Gent Smaakt with huge success, followed by a presence of a foodstand at Graspop, Fantasia Festival and Rock Werchter in July!

In August we are at The Qontinent and Pukkelpop. Maybe more to come.

We are getting more requests for catering and foodtruck services! We hope to get organised to be able to do more by next summer!

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  • michael6104

Did you know:

- our Japanese Curry sauce is home made, vegan and glutenfree

- our katsus, both pork and chicken, are made fresh daily from scratch from quality meat

- our veggie/vegan add-ons are from 'De Vegetarische Slager'

- our rice is according to many Asian visitors ... excellent ;)

- people love the Japanese beers ... nr 1 Sapporo, nr 2 Asahi and nr 3 Kirin

- Pokka Green Tea Jasmin is also a very popular soft drink

- our worldmap for pinning international visitors is getting filled up ... almost all continents have pins

- we really have Japanese Curry-lovers as loyal guests

- we hope to expand soon with offering also udon noodles

- we have participated at Gent Smaakt and also as sponsor for HIV Ontrafelen

- we are happy with our great motivated team of students, serving curry

- we love the talks with customers on Japan and their visits/experiences

We thank all our customers with lots of love ...

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  • michael6104

Well, it's been an intensive ride since our opening on January 7th. First we opened only online in order to give us some time to get organised in our new environment and our new concept. Thanks to Uber Eats and TakeAway we had a great launch and many curries left Nederkouter 73 ...

Then shortly after we started opening the restaurant itself ... with 22 seats it's not too large but when it's full, the atmosphere is great. We had positive feedback on the food, interior and our staff. Now three months later, we keep going ... we've optimised the logistic side and have a great team of people helping us to serve our guests.

We love our customers, coming from all over the world, and having a chat on their link with Japan or their love for the beautiful country.

Now we are ready for a few next steps in our journey of promoting the typical Japanese Curry in Ghent and surroundings. We'll enlarge our menu with some extra options and will work on some more content for our social media, bringing Tokyo closer to Ghent.

Keep following us and try our Japanese Curry!

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